Wordpress Kickstart Instructions

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Thank you for downloading the ]]>Wordpress Kickstart install profile]]>. We are going to get you up and running on ]]>Drupal]]> as fast as possible. Please read the instructions below.

1. Go to your Wordpress Dashboard and download your site as a .WXR file.

This is typically located at [Wordpress URL]/wp-admin/tools.php?page=export-choices

Wordpress Admin Export Page

1a. Download the exported .xml file to your Desktop

Wordpress Admin Export Download Page

Wordpress File

2. Update your Drupal File System Settings

Be sure to set a "Private file system path" on your File System settings page. This will be required for the Wordpress Migration to work.

Drupal File System Settings Page

3. Visit the Wordpress Migration page

This is where you will upload your WXR exported file to Drupal.

Drupal Admin Menu

Drupal Wordpress Migration Page

3a. Set text fields to use "Full html"

This is required for your images to show up. If you do not select "Full html" they will appear to be hidden.

Drupal Wordpress Migration Import Settings

3b. Click "Import WordPress blog"

You are almost done, just select "Import WordPress blog" to initiate the download. You should see a progress bar that gives you an idea as to how long it will take. 

Drupal Wordpress Migration Import Button

4. You are done!

You should see a screen that indicates how much content was imported with options to roll back content if necessary.

Drupal Wordpress Migration Finished

4a. Click "Find content" to view your content

You are ready to go! Thanks for using Drupal!

Drupal Admin Menu